Saturday, October 8, 2011

Inconsistency and perception

Two thing occurred to me today. The first is that I have been in an extreme introverted space for quite a while now. I barely interact with people at work and have limited my social interaction outside of that. It has gotten so bad that I have even dreaded posting; here, WrongPlanet, anywhere. I am not real sure what triggers these spells. Usually I make an effort at some extroversion if nothing else than to bolster my position at work.

The other thing that occurred to me is that this sort of inconsistency can be a real drag for people who experience you one way and then see you change. I wonder that my wife does not go crazy waking up one day and finding she is married to a different person. In the workplace I think that people are more offended by the effort it takes to get to know a 'new' you than they might have been annoyed by the old one. Maybe that is why meltdowns have longer impacts for ASD folk than for egotistical CEOs. The CEO has been known to do that and people have adjusted... the ASD person tries hard not to have meltdowns so it comes as a shock when they do happen.

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  1. I know this blog hasn't been written in for a while, I just wanted to say how much your posts have helped me, personally, an adult in IT who also happens to have Aspergers.

    I see many articles and blogs written by others in IT industry about working with those of us on the Autism Spectrum, but they're written from an observers perspective, not by people who have ASD.

    So, what I'm trying to say is thanks Scott. 4 years later, these posts are still helping someone.

    - T