Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to start a social enterprise

One of the things that I have always encountered with my jobs is that in some ways they seem meaningless... it matters to only a few people and the company itself may not be helping that many people. Even when they are 'helping' hundreds of thousands of people the benefits are debatable and occasionally lawsuits occur... or major financial meltdowns (i.e. sub-prime crisis).

The many Aspies and ASD folk I have spoken with feel the same way. More than that they see even entrepreneurial efforts as simply a way to make a buck and provide little real meaning. As an alternative I have suggested looking at starting social enterprises... not quite altruistic endeavors but certainly not cash cows either. Dowser has a wonderful article on how to get something like that going and can be found here:


  1. Great idea. I've never thought of doing anything like that, but it's interesting.

  2. I think it could hold some promise for people who are looking for a meaning to their job. I have bounced it around my head for a while as to making a more concrete post about it tailored to ASD folk.