Saturday, July 2, 2011

Creating a job proposal with impact: marketing your work instead of you

I have talked before about creating Job Proposals; a document you send to someone saying "I can do this for you". In light of a recent article I wanted to revisit this as the article offers advice on how to keep the proposal short; a key attribute if you want to get it read.

The article makes a point of sharing examples of success that will help show what you can do. If you have read many of my posts you know what is coming next: take it one step further by sending links to examples of your results. Using a personal website, blog, Flickr or Youtube you can post videos, documents, programs or pictures of what you have done either on your own or for other people. Remember, results put results on the table.

Or if you really want to impresses them do a piece of work that fits in with their business and offer it along with your proposal. Imagine if you wanted to redo someone's website and you sent a link along to their new website (partially done) that they could look at? Even if they do not buy it you have done a piece that you can show to others when you approach them. In this way you are not selling yourself, you are selling your work and in solid, tangible, believable ways.

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