Thursday, July 7, 2011

Recovering from an interview mistake and showing your worth

The Undercover Recruiter is one of my favorite blogs about looking for a job. Their tips are excellent and articles provide real value. The latest post talks about a man who committed a colossal blunder in his phone interview (he revealed he had pirated their software) yet still managed to get hired with an amazing cover letter.

And it helps illustrate a point I try to make often. Most times a cover letter is way to get yourself invited to an interview but we place too much emphasis on the 'letter' part. Think of it as a chance to show off what you can do and make it relevant to the job. In lieu of a cover letter is there a way to be well known at what you do so that people come to you and ask you to apply or better yet say "We'd like to work with you, how about it?"

Use your attention to detail, obsessive interest in learning and non-standard way of looking at things to be so kick a** at something that it serves as your cover letter... or at least try to write one really good, relevant to the hiring manager cover letter.

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