Friday, May 13, 2011

An Aspergers & HFA workplace

Once on an interview I did an initial scan of the office to see if I would be able to sit in the environment. It looked promising: quiet, all offices except the receptionist, muted colors. Then I was taken back to the area where the unwashed masses err, I mean non executives sat.

A bright orange paint was on the walls.  All of them. The noise level approached a public pool during summer. Employees sat at long tables facing each other with narrow aisles in between the chairs. I groaned aloud, drawing a rebuke from the interviewer. They never offered the job although I did come down to the final two even with the unhidden opinion on the toddler painted zoo they called an office.

All this brings me to the point I am pondering recently... what is involved in making an office ASD friendly. Environment is part of it but also things like "Meetings should have agendas" & "Projects should have goals and steps". These may sound like givens, ASD or not, but I can tell from personal and anecdotal experience that is sadly lacking.


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