Tuesday, May 31, 2011


In case you did not know tl;dr means "too long; did not read". You will see it from time to time on posting threads or e-mails where people are a little more, uh, blunt with each other.

Where you will probably not see tl;dr is in the workplace. Often when someone is enthusiastic or passionate about a subject they will churn out an e-mail or a report that attempts to explain their entire position in one document. And if they are lucky one person may read the entire thing and possibly two others will look at the first couple of sentences. Everyone else on the list will inwardly groan and close the e-mail/document having not read it at all.

Be sure to keep your messages short and write them as invitations for people to ask for more. Limit yourself to three or four sentences in an e-mail with the idea that the sentences will elicit a "tell me more" response.

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