Thursday, May 26, 2011

Making money from blogs

Some people do make money from blogs although how much money can be made is debatable. However there is good reason to think that at least a little extra cash can come in if your blog is well written and about a subject people find interesting.

As of this writing I have one follower (my lovely wife) so it is hard to see this as a cash cow. But it is young (less than a month old). The same goes for any new blog. Persistence is the key; one column I read said give your blog 2.5 years before you think 'maybe this isn't working'. And if you enjoy doing it keeping it up is a reward in itself.

Where ASD folk excel is in collecting exhaustive information on sometimes arcane subjects; niche subjects that are likely to have specialized audiences and that is where some money can be made. These niche audiences can draw specialized advertising that are worth more than your common keywords. Your blog, with persistence and devotion to a niche subject can pay off. While you might not be able to survive on the income it can supplement the earnings from a desk job any make your life easier.


Lo and behold there is an article about blogs making money using AdSense and direct advertising. Keep in mind this is one of the success stories but it shows what is possible:

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