Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sell your work

On the Job Sink website I have an article about how results help demonstrate your employability or continued value to the company in question. On the My Aspergers Child blog they make a similar point in that the Aspie should sell their work including making a portfolio of it.

--from My Aspergers Child

This can be difficult if your job does not have easily portable results like art or writing. Even programmers can bring code samples or links to their projects out on the web. A horticulturalist? That might pose some issues. Still you can provide videos & pictures of you doing the work such as tending to well groomed plants or if you perform data entry then videos of you using the software or your self created guides for training others or reminding yourself of tasks. These demonstrate what you are able to produce for the new employer.

And if you are at a company be sure to keep a list of all projects you do. That comes in very handy at review time; think of it as your portfolio for selling yourself allover again.

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