Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Creating your own job

Mel Kiper Jr.created his own job and ran with it. He is ESPNs NFL Draft Expert a position he largely created by taking something he obsesses about and showing its value. It certainly did not happen overnight but with persistence he was able to get it to stick.

You do not necessarily have to follow his steps (I mean he is on television) but you can certainly learn from his example. Consider these steps:

  1. List your obsessions
  2. Determine which one might be marketable
  3. Find a company that is related to that obsession
  4. Create some examples of the depth/quality of your obsession (articles, videos, blogs, models, etc.)
  5. Determine who in the company can make things happen (e.g. CEO, Managing Director, etc.)
  6. Send them a job proposal (see: How to write a job proposal or Google "how to write a job proposal")
  7. Follow up with them
  8. Repeat that last step in many different ways (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, letters, phone calls, 'run into them' at conventions, etc.)

When you get hired you are not an employee, you are a business partner and you are working in the area of one of your obsessions... probably from an environment you choose too.

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