Monday, May 16, 2011

Turning an obsession into value

One of my favorite ways to spend time is to hit the Random link button on Wikipedia and read the article that comes up. Sometimes it fits into an already existent obsession and sometimes it spawns a new one. Wikipedia specifically and the Internet in general have been boons to ASD folk looking to indulge an obsession. Thankfully there is a way to capitalize on this knowledge.

By using the free blogging tools (e.g. BloggerTypepad) and the ability to research a subject to exhaustion you are able to create a series of articles that tie together disparate sources of information into one location.  Additionally you can then edit the Wikipedia article to add in information as well.

As a concrete example, one of my obsessions is World War II Naval ships (for some reason WWI is not as big a deal for me). Imagine a blog that examined a ship that sunk, say the HMS Hood, and traced the fallen sailors back to their hometown and then their progeny and/or family? It would be of interest to WWII buffs and the family impacted (and maybe a few other Aspies).

But how is it valuable to a job search?

It helps answer a few different questions that can help you make that personal impression so valuable to rising above the other candidates. A frequent question in interviews is "What do you outside of work?". "I write a blog on <a safe noncontroversial obsession>" may invite you to speak about that obsession more allowing you to show passion and animation OR if you are really lucky the interviewer likes that same subject and you have developed a connection.

It shows that you can investigate and communicate about a complex subject. Many jobs require communication skills or even translating arcane processes into documentation. A blog showing in depth research is an example of what you can produce for them.

It might, might, get you noticed as an armchair authority by someone looking for help with that subject. It is a long shot but seriously what do you have to lose?

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