Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fluorescent lights

Many ASD folk have a sensitivity to light; specific bandwidths, colors and intensity can cause agitation and discomfort if not outright headaches.

Of course offices are rife with the tubed wonders of the world, the fluorescent light. I have a love hate relationship with fluorescent lights. They are certainly efficient but they drive my brain nuts. In some places I have been successful in requesting that one or two tubes be removed from the fixture(s) above my desk. Other times I have moved to a darker corner where, for some strange reason, the builder decided not to make the light approximate the noonday sun. I have not yet resorted to wearing sunglasses but one HFA person I knew did have anti-glare hunting glasses he wore and swore by.

In any case it is worth paying some attention to the lighting in your work area as that constant, harsh white glare can add to any meltdown or keep you in a constant state of annoyance.

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