Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Using a website to extend your resume

A resume is a very limited way to show what you can do. More than that it is rare that a reviewer reads much of it. However, a website, with a link on your resume, can show much more and in an easier to read format.  Thankfully doing an easy personalized website is not hard.

Sites like W3Schools offer excellent tutorials on how to read the underlying code for a website (HTML). With a few short lessons you will learn how to edit the text and pump up the important pieces of your website for review.

And rather than creating one from scratch Open Web Design and Open Designs offer templates that you can download and customize yourself. Designers have already taken the time in laying out pleasant looking web sites that are just waiting for your words.

And you do not even have to pay money to host the simple site out there. Coral Rift offers free hosting where you claim a site like <your name>.coralrift.com and then drag and drop your web pages onto the page. Viola you have a professional looking web site with your name.

Your content can then be tailored to talk about you, what you produce and what your interests are. Bonus points if the resume/website reviewer finds content directly applicable to the job you're applying for!

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