Sunday, June 26, 2011

ASD & Asperger Strengths at work: self learning and ambition

Employers love people who are self motivated and learn on their own. As an ASD Spectrumite we posses both of these. Sure due to depression or horrible sleep there are times when the ambition is not quite as evident as others but it is there. It is what makes us reach out for help, read everything we can on a subject and even view blogs like this. We are always looking to be better tomorrow than we were today. And if that does not inspire you try this: would anyone willingly go through the myriad of therapies and medications we have without ambition to be in a better place?

You can look on your obsessions two ways... a hindrance or an asset. If you view them as hindrances then you will fight them and try to suppress them. Viewed as an asset you will brag about them and encourage yourself in them. The key thing is to brag about them the right way.

Take this for a concrete example. I love reading about World War II naval ships. I can either say "yeah, I have this thing about WWII naval ships that I waste time on"


I can say "My grandfather was on a ship in WWII. I am not sure if that spawned my desire to learn more, as a way of connecting with him, or not but I tell you, I have become something of an armchair expert on them."

Which one sounds more impressive? You can do the same with your career portfolio. So what if learning medieval cooking recipes has nothing to do with the job at hand. Working into the conversation that you wanted to be an expert at something and achieved the expertise is a feather in your cap that you should brag about.

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