Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Autism, ASD, & Aspergers at work: Meditation

During the lowest point of my fight with depression I discovered meditation. At the time, if I closed my eyes and tried to envision my brain operation, it was a big swirl of colors that made no sense. Using self-guided meditation I slowly built a mental sanctuary that, for the first time, helped me feel like I was in control of my depression and anxiety. I certainly had bumps and down points since then, but I know that since I did it once I can do it again.

Since that time I have used meditation with varying degrees of success to help me at work. Occasionally I put my head in a pose like I am thinking hard and slip into a trance. It can help me work out a problem or release tension caused by a co-worker. After a short period of time I am ready to go back into the grind and have avoided a meltdown.

I strongly suggest that you try it out. Here are some links on ASD and/or meditation:

Youtube Video on using Meditation with Aspergers

Workbreak Meditation

Project Meditation - Meditation at Work

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