Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting hired in the summer

Depending on where you live summer can begin in May or June and extend through August or September. No matter when it occurs though trend is the same: hiring slows down during the summer. Vacations are more frequent so it is harder to gather the hiring managers together and the interviewers in one place.

This can be an excellent time to network with people though. Because of the vacations people can be less busy with meetings (though possibly busier with work) and relaxed from a recent vacation or anticipating upcoming time off. A well placed e-mail or phone call has a better success of getting someones attention.

So pick out a company, find someone who works there and reach out to them. You might not get the job in July but come September you can be first in mind for open positions. Also, you can break the ice with "So, do you have any time off planned?" It will put the contact at ease to reminisce about their time off or get excited talking about the future trip to Disneyland.

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