Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stress, Aspergers and my job

Today I came close to a meltdown. With the recent flooding of our house we are displaced and living with my wife's parents until insurance can kick in with long term housing. I have had about five hours of sleep each of the nights since it happened. And my project at work is not going well.

This afternoon I got an e-mail that kind of set me off. I went into my bosses office and ranted about the e-mail for a while. Thankfully he is a level headed guy and just listened and offered to help with the business side of the rant while ignoring the rant side of the rant.

I wish I could say I was perfect but I am not. This is one of the days where I fell far short of my expectations of myself. I hope to get a good night sleep tonight and start all over again tomorrow.

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