Saturday, June 25, 2011

Earning supplemental income making crafts

Making things with your hands can be a mentally and financially rewarding way to pass the time. A few people make a living at it but in reality it is usually supplemental income. If you have something that you like already then finding a way to sell it is the next part. If you do not know what to make then a trip to a Craft Fair or Saturday Market can help solve either problem.

Admittedly open air markets pose a difficulty but your trip should be more about scouting than talking to people. Look for something that you can make or already are making and the shops that sell it. Get their card to contact them away from the market and then offer to help supply the crafts to them for a cut of the sales. You will not make as much money as if yous old it yourself but then again you do not have to interact with all the customers either.

Additional stock can be sold online (eBay, etsy and other such websites offer sales outlets) and it gives you something to talk about when networking or interviewing.

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