Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Potential ASD job: Kennel Attendent

With the flooding of our house we needed to find a long term home for our kitties so I we made reservations at a boarding place. While there I noticed one of the attendants in the dog run and had some suspicions about him. During the lengthy check-in process I started talking with him and indeed, he is on the ASD spectrum.

I asked him how he liked his job and he loves it. Only a few humans to interact with and all the dogs he can pet. He mentioned a couple of others in the place that also are on the spectrum and how much they enjoy their jobs. Thankfully none of them have to answer phones or work the front desk. Their only real issue is that a barking or meowing explosion can be difficult at times but they have the ability to step away for a moment and regroup.

The downside is the pay is not that great but it is better than zero (and better than minimum wage too).

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