Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Customized Employment: Selling your business and your employment at the same time

My wife knows of a place on the California Coast that has possibly the best artichoke dipping sauce imaginable. People order it from around the nation because they stopped there once on a trip and always go back. I know I want to order some just thinking about it.

What if you created a way to drive people to the website to order the sauce? You would boost their sales without them investing a dime. Do you think they would pay you for that? A good business person would certainly consider it and maybe even hire you on since you found one way to increase sales.

The thing is you have to approach it the right way. You can certainly walk in with a cool website that might catch their attention. Or you could go in with facts showing how many people your site was responsible for; maybe you could capture some testimonials from people that went through you. And be sure to have a next step.

Here is the process in step form:

  1. Find a target company
  2. Determine the metric you will use to measure your success
  3. Find out who the key influencer in the target company is
  4. Create your method for increasing sales (traffic; moving merchandise; etc)
  5. Run it for a month or two (or even a full quarter or two) measuring your success
  6. While that it going on think of how you can increase your success
  7. At the end of your trial contact the influencer; show them your method and success; tell them you have a way to improve on that success and then offer to sell it and you to them

Maybe they say no. Life and business is not without some risk. Even still you would have the makings for a heck of a resume/career portfolio item. If they say yes then you get some money, possibly equity in the business and perchance a job. You could even pursue something like this while also pursuing a regular job since job hunting usually takes only half of a day (or less). If you are unemployed what real harm?

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