Monday, June 20, 2011

Boosting the impact of your resume

I was talking with a friend of mine at lunch about how he stood out when he was at his first job. He was in charge of collecting on delinquent credit card accounts. It was not a good job and he planned on moving up or out fast. There were three ways he could talk about his main duty:
  • Collect delinquent debts on open credit cards
  • Monitor 30 credit accounts for outstanding debts and recoup money on those accounts
  • Protected $1.3 million of at risk money for the company
Guess which one caught his boss's attention and made his resume stand out when he went to interview for a new position? The $1.3 million stands out and is something people in any position can understand. It shows concern for the company and an understanding of the real purpose of the position.

Consider this: as a customer service agent are you answering calls for the company or are you improving customer loyalty? As a blogger are you informing the public or are you drawing visitors to the money making parts of the website? The company and the managers in that company have their view... catering to that view in your writing will make you stand out above your co-workers or the bazillion other candidates applying for the same job.

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