Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick Memory Aide for periodic tasks

One of the things I have a major problem with is tasks that occur once a month. In the intervening 27-30 days I will forget many of the steps needed to perform the task. When they come up I often create a series of print outs with hand written notes. One job had so many that I had piles laying around until a new thought occurred to me.

Using PowerPoint and Windows built in screen capture I took snapshots of the work screens I was using and pasted them in slides in PowerPoint. Then I added notes to the slides as needed without having tons of paper laying around. Even if you do not have PowerPoint the screen capture ability is still there. Select the window in question, hit ALT-Print Screen, open up PowerPoint/Paint/Whatever and hit CTRL-V. Viola, a screen shot of what you were working on and the state it was at that moment.

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