Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Personal Branding v Career Portfolio

I talk a lot about building your career portfolio and little about branding... I do this on purpose. A career portfolio is a set of results (projects, accomplishments, valuable products) that you create that should be able to speak for themselves with only a little framing. Personal Branding is creating a coherent story out of your career & life. A strong portfolio is, by its nature, self branding; the worth should be self evident with only a limited amount of words linking them to you (or together).

I actually think personal branding can be quite valuable but it often requires a level of abstract communication that is difficult for those of us on the ASD Spectrum. Marketing is difficult and the casuistry and spin called for by that profession is often beyond us. Producing self explanatory results is not. So build the portfolio and let it do the talking.

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