Friday, June 24, 2011

I want to work: an Asperger Story

Garry Burge has an amazing book called I want to work.

I have just written a book which is now available for purchase, "I Want To Work - An Asperger Story" focuses on my own challenges and difficulties as an adult on the Autism Spectrum.  A book launch was held on Saturday 7th May 2011. 
For more information please visit Dr Tony Attwood's website or contact Asperger Services Australia 

Some of the topics I discuss include
  • Not being understood by the school system
  • The need for more employment agencies
  • Disclosure of my Asperger diagnosis in applying for employment
  • Strategies to assist adults on the Autism Spectrum find and keep a job

In due course I intend to get copies of my book into libraries, universities, education institutions and more! 
My book is now available in the National Library of Australia
Here is the link, second entry down:

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