Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finding school, a job and a career in the face of adevrsity

Comparing two groups struggles in life often weakens both. Still there are valuable lessons to be learned from what another person or group goes through. Here is an article from Jezebel regarding the passing of Rosalyn Yalow.

She never finished high school yet wanted to become a doctor... in the 1930's. In being rejected for one graduate program someone wrote "She is from New York. She is Jewish. She is a woman"; talk about prejudice. Despite the formidable barriers against her she went to school and eventually won a Nobel Prize in Medicine, at the time only the second woman to win in medicine up to that point.

She worked herself into a position where her talents could show and then used that as a springboard to the next struggle. That is a blueprint for ASD folk as well. Focus on what you can do well, find a way to show that and use that leverage to get to the next level.

Wikipedia article on Rosalyn Yalow

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