Monday, June 6, 2011

Specialisterne emulator in Turkey

Uzmanlar is a company in Turkey attempting to create a similar experience as Specialisterne. So far the only item I have found in English is this post on LinkedIn:

If I find an English article I will pass it on... or if you or someone you know speaks Turkish, you can Google Uzmanlar and see what you find


  1. Hi Scott,
    My name is Petek Ozgul and i am the founder of Uzmanlar in Istanbul, Turkey. Thank you for your interest, it was a nice surprise to see Uzmanlar mentioned in your blog.
    We have just started the project and i am hoping to have Specialist People Foundation by our side. I have written a business case and won the MIT Enterprise Forum Turkey Business Case Competition and the link you have posted is the media coverage of the ceremony.
    There is a web page which i just created but unfortunately only in Turkish for the moment. But i will be posting the evolution of Uzmanlar on Linkedin.

  2. Thank you so much for commenting on the post. I was happy to hear of your efforts. Good luck and I hope to hear more about Uzmanlar in Turkish or English.